On April 15, 2015, Gene Skaggs became a Certified Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor. He is currently the only Quantum Touch Instructor in Tennessee.


On November 28, 2016, Gene Skaggs became a Certified Quantum Touch Level 2 Instructor. He is currently one of only 15 people in the continental United States that can teach the advanced aspects of Quantum Touch.


Quantum Touch is an alternative form of energy healing. This form of quantum healing is based on the principle that everything is energy. Albert Einstein's famous formula is E=mcˆ2, where “E” stands for energy. Everything is energy – and that includes your body, as well as, inanimate objects. The difference between your body and your phone is, you have what is called life force energy. Quantum Touch teaches the practitioner/instructor, how to raise their energy to a frequency of love and gratitude. Upon placing their hands on the clients pain, called “stuck energy” by quantum touch energetic healers, through the process of entrainment, the clients body will atomically ascent to that of the practitioner. This allows the energy to once again being to flow and the body will naturally heal itself. Combined with the intention of love and compassion for the client, nothing is impossible from a quantum physics perspective.


Some people have asked is “Quantum Touch similar to Reiki?” Most Quantum Touch energy healers come from some type of energy background and Reiki is by far the dominate preference. Everyone that has come from a Reiki background refers to Quantum Touch as Reiki on steroids.


Quantum Touch addresses not only the structural alignment of the body, but also physical issues as well as mental issues. Unlike other modalities that use force to move vertebrates, Quantum Touch uses light touch on all issues the client will set forth.


Whether you want to become a practitioner, work on yourself or your family, Quantum Touch will allow you to see and experience healings with no side effects. To my knowledge there is nothing available that can get the results as quickly and safely as Quantum Touch. So, if you are looking for an alternative healing modality, please read the following testimonies and go to quantumtouch.com for further info on Quantum Touch healing and the founder Richard Gordon. Or YouTube Quantum Touch and watch some of the videos on quantum healing.


Gene also has a Crystal Therapy Healing Bed and a Bio mat that can be used to help facilitate energy healing.


Blessings, Gene Skaggs




Dear Gene,


After my two sessions of Quantum Touch with you, I am so pleased with my results. I was interested in this form of healing to bring correction to the curve in my spine. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12. I have remained very active all my life but the before and after visual images we took on my back are a clear indication that my spine has straightened. The photos coupled with the fact that my posture, hunched shoulders and flexibility are tremendously improved make me feel blessed and full of joy. Thank you for working with me and sharing your love with me!


— Mary M.

Nashville, Tennessee


Snapshots of Mary's back before and after Gene's Quantum Touch Healing work.

Mysty, of Manchester, Tennessee, was unsure about energy work and quantum touch in particular. Now she is a believer and has scheduled a two hour session to address other issues that are pressing.



Scruffy Doodles – 11 year old GoldenDoodle survives cancer


Scruffy Doodles, an eleven year old GoldenDoodle was diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma on June 10, 2015. This is the worst kind of cancer a dog can have and the most challenging for veterinarians. It is an incurable tumor of cells that line the blood vessels and the spleen is a common place for this tumor to be, as was in the case for Scruffy. The standard treatment is surgery, which may extend the dog’s life for 90 days, and sometimes added chemotherapy will extend the dog’s life another 180 days.


Scruffy was so weak that the veterinarian said he would never survive the surgery and expected the tumor to rupture in which would have caused him to bleed to death and at this point he would have to have been euthanized. What a grim prognosis! Neither Scruffy or his owner could bear that and they made a joint decision to fight this with every source out there. That same day they drove to Nashville for a Quantum Touch session with Gene Skaggs, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor.


Gene and his son greeted them when they arrived and carried Scruffy inside for the magic to begin.


Scruffy was so weak he could not stand up or walk. After one hour of Quantum Touch, Scruffy was able to walk around in the grass outside and needed help getting back in the car. He rested on the hour drive back home. We got him in the house. He was just beginning his journey to recovery. He was started on numerous vitamins, minerals and supplements to aid in shrinking the tumor and getting his body alkaline. Gene called to check on him daily and sent him healing energy in between his weekly visits when needed. Scruffy continued to get stronger. Gene focused on the tumor, weakness in his hind legs, heart energy, as well as balancing his chakras etc.


After weekly Quantum Touch Sessions for six weeks, Scruffy was much stronger. He was going up and down steps again without falling. Much improvement overall was noticed. At this point, Gene felt Scruffy only needed a session every two weeks and since mid-August this is what we have done. He is stronger than ever, now going outside 4 or 5 times a day and he stays out for 15 to 20 minutes, even chases a cat around every now and then. He is very active inside the house as well. He is most alert and gets excited when he hears the words “Quantum Touch.”


As of December 10th Scruffy passed the seven month mark of his journey and his tumor has shrunk 75% or more and is very soft now. We expect the tumor to totally dissipate in the near future. His success has been a miracle. I am very grateful we had access to a great Quantum Touch Healer that truly cares about his clients, especially the four legged ones. I hope all those in need of healing energy will try Quantum Touch and experience the amazing benefits.


— Sheila Vaughn




Scruffy Doodles receiving Quantum Touch Healing from Gene.

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